Scholarships and Grants

The VDTR offers a variety of funding to its PhD students. For example, VDTR PhD students may apply for financial support to attend conferences or for editing expenses of English-language texts.

In order to strengthen interdisciplinary networking of doctoral students, the VDTR also supports and funds the organizing of peer activities, such as workshops or brown bag seminars. In addition, we offer a completion scholarship each year for which VDTR PhD students can apply.

The VDTR also organizes Academic Skills courses tailored to the needs of doctoral students in theology and religious studies (media relations, presentation skills, publication strategies, etc.).

To take advantage of our support options, you must be a member of the VDTR. You can find more information here. Participation in the annual Open Research Days is mandatory for anyone applying for a grant or scholarship. VDTR members can view all information about the Open Research Days on the VDTR Moodle platform.

Travel grants

Doctoral School members are eligible to apply for travel grants.


  • The grant applies to one individual
  • The total amount must not exceed 700€
  • Applications for partial reimbursement of travel expenses can also be submitted (e.g. if for a trip to the USA the flight alone is more than the maximum funding amount, an application for reimbursement of up to 700€ of these costs can be submitted)
  • According to the guidelines of the University of Vienna, only the travelling expenses, hotel costs (a maximum of 4 nights can be reimbursed) as well as conference fees are supported, but not the costs for meals
  • The doctoral student must be a VDTR member and take an active part in the conference/workshop attended or the library/archive visited and must present
    • a talk
    • a paper/abstract
    • a poster
    • a research report (in case of trips to archives or libraries) (The research report should describe in 1 – max. 1.5 pages the goal of the research and explain why the trip is necessary in the context of the dissertation)
  • The doctoral student must obtain the support of his/her supervisor
  • Mandatory participation in the Open Research Day. All information on taking part can be found on the VDTR Moodle platform
  • Time frame of the event/trip: Events that take place after the current submission deadline as well as events that took place before the current submission deadline can be submitted. The latter, however, only if the event does not date back further than the date of the previous submission deadline (e.g.: If the current submission deadline is in October, then an event that took place in September of the same year can be submitted if the previous deadline fell in February of the same year. However, an event from January of the same year can no longer be submitted in this case).
  • The prerequisite for funding is the submission of original receipts for all events (this is particularly important when applying for a past event).

How to apply:

Send the application, the completed application form, and your presented text in advance in the form of an abstract or short research report for a conference visit, field research, or research trip (for example, trips to archival libraries) to The next deadlines for funding applications ar 29 february 2024, 30 june 2024, 31 octobre 2024.

If your application is approved, you may claim travel expenses after the event by presenting original receipts. Employees of the University of Vienna must create the reimbursement themselves via Q-Flow. Information on this can be found on the Wiki of the University of Vienna. Non-employed doctoral students should contact for the settlement.

Grant for editing costs

In order to support PhD students in their publication activities, the VDTR offers support towards editing costs.


  • Editing costs must not exceed 300€.
  • Editing cost grants are available for articles intended for peer-reviewed publications. Preference will be given to publications in English and in indexed journals.
  • The PhD student must be a VDTR member.
  • The PhD student has obtained the support of his/her supervisor.
  • Mandatory participation in the Open Research Day. All information about participation can be found on the VDTR Moodle platform.

How to apply:

Editing costs may be applied for on an ongoing basis. An abstract of the proposed article must be attached to the completed application form. Send the abstract, along with the completed form signed by you and your supervisor, to Once the grant has been approved, you can commission the editing. Please note that only services provided by editors with an Austrian tax ID number are supported. Please send confirmation of the initial submission of the publication to

Peer activities

VDTR doctoral students are encouraged to develop and realize workshop formats for themselves and their peers.


  • It must be a self-organized event by and for PhD students. Both large and small formats can be supported.
  • Large formats include workshops, retreats or conferences. Maximum support is 300€ per actively involved VDTR member.
  • Small formats include writing groups, brown bag seminars/journal lunch clubs, etc.. Room or catering costs will be covered if possible.
  • Funding is provided for events with an interdisciplinary orientation and participation as well as for inter-university networking.
  • Depending on the scope of the event, organizers may receive ECTS points.
  • Mandatory participation in the Open Research Day. All information about participation can be found on the VDTR Moodle platform.

How to apply:

  • The next deadline for funding applications are 29 february 2024 and 31 octobre 2024.
  • Send the completed application form (plus evidence of support by a supervisor and details of the participating VDTR PhD students), together with an abstract/proposal of the project to
  • Only original receipts can be refunded.