Spotlight on research

We would like to give you the opportunity to provide an insight into your current research here. This is why we will be presenting publications by VDTR members here in future.

We would be pleased if you would send us your publication references to We require the following information: author, title, journal, place of publication, publisher, date, page number. Important: Please be sure to include the link to the corresponding U:Cris entry!

To mark the launch of his new book, VDTR PhD candidate and United Methodist pastor Reverend J.J. Warren invites a range of people to reflect on the challenges and opportunities that a global pandemic presents for contemporary church life. While JJ explores questions of building community online, sharing his own experiences and those of his interviewees, the panel discussion with invited guests will focus on how church communities can be inclusive across the digital divide, inviting different perspectives - such as gender and disability - and denominations into the conversation. The event marks the launch of a new presentation format in which we seek to give the research of our doctoral students the spotlight it deserves.

Time: 5.30 - 8p.m.
Place: Dekanatssitzungssaal der Katholisch-theologischen Fakultät, Universitätsring 1, Stiege 8, 2.Stock.



Recently published research by VDTR members

Wolsink, Sabine: ‘Let Us Just Be Humans’: Reading Allard Pierson’s True Humanity through the Lens of Caputo’s Religion without Religion, Religions 15:3 (2024), 340: DOI:

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